Update on me

Hi everyone. I wish I could tell you all that everything is peachy. With so much either on my plate or looking to jump on it, I have been having a bit of stress. I have historically been able to manage stress by not allowing problems to “pile up” on me by dealing with each item as they come and not put too much emphasis on what I can’t control or what may be in the near or far future. This strategy has kept me quite mellow until recently. Most of you know my list of current matters so I won’t lay them out here. Suffice it to say, there’s been enough for anyone to get somewhat upset about.

I am getting my blood sugar under control! My new diet and meds are really reeling in that high glucose count. My lowest reading was a 120. That is a far cry from the 530 I had back in March. I still have a goal to lose another 50 lbs this year to be at a more healthy weight of around 180. Thank you for your support and faith.

Rachel is still on a roller coaster of health and well-being from her ankle injury back in early February. She has an excellent physical therapist, Dr. Buck Mendenhall. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because his brother is the head coach for the BYU Cougars football team. He is very positive and motivating! Rachel was doing really well last week and by Sunday morning, she was back in bed with bad swelling and a lot of pain. There is a lot of frustration that comes from having such a long-lasting disability. This puts a lot of strain on our relationship at times. I have a lot of trouble figuring out what kind and how much support to give. As a guy its my natural inclination to fix things and that gets me in more trouble and causes me a great deal of pain when that inclination is not what is wanted or needed. I wish I could wave my hand and get rid of it all for her. And for me.

Wyatt is growing in understanding and knowledge by leaps and bounds! He really likes to sing along with songs on the radio. He also likes to mimic EVERYTHING! That has ended up being a double-edged knife. He has also taken to keeping stuffed animals near him. When he was very little, he slept with a little, soft yellow lion. But within a year or so, he dropped that. Now he’s gotten back into that. I wonder if that has any deeper meaning? He also has a girlfriend! The little girl next door, Erica, is his age and they love to play with each other. Pay no mind that her daddy is our Bishop! It’s very cute. I would have to say the cute and amazing things he does far outnumbers the aggravating and frustrating things he does. Love that li’l guy!

I was happy to visit with Gina and her family this past weekend. They came down here from Spokane, WA to attend a wedding for Matt’s brother. We were invited to a dinner in Kaysville on Friday night and then to help watch their girls during the wedding on Saturday morning. Gwen, their youngest, took quite a liking to me! That’s always a cool moment for a person. If someone so young, new, unjaded can make a character judgement like that, is a wonderful feeling. It was great seeing them again!

Still no word on a new job for me. I’m not actively looking now. I found that it’s still too early to expect employers to wait for me. I am hoping that HealthEquity, the company I interviewed with a few times a couple weeks ago, will need another person come July. I really felt good about the job and the company. Come June, I will really start hitting the pavement again and rope me a good job.

Thanks for reading!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

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