Hi all! I am excited to tell you that there’s a new burger joint open in American Fork. If you’re at all familiar with In-N-Out Burger that’s famous in California mostly, for a very basic menu and excellent quality burgers, then Chadder’s is a dream come true! I have yet to sample the goods as they just opened yesterday and were absolutely slammed with customers. I was surprised to see that kind of activity where there is no website, no promotion and no GRAND OPENING or NOW OPEN signage.

I think it’s Bekah’s boss’s pet project. He runs a law firm in American Fork and apparently loves In-N-Out. I will double check that with Bekah, but I think that’s right. I’m really looking forward to making it in there in the next day or so.

Now just between you and me, Rachel is not a fan 😦 . I know! Seriously? How misguided can you be?? No, it’s fine.. The problem is I would just have to figure out how to go without her or get her something else.

In case you are ever in the area, it’s in the Smith’s Grocery parking lot at the corner of State Rd and Pacific Dr. It’s kiddy-corner from Applebee’s. Go there, eat up and post a comment here on how good/bad it is!



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