Chadder’s, Pt. 2

Hello! We were able to get to Chadder’s for dinner last night and it was wonderful! Aside from the really long lines, everything was great. There was only one cashier working up front but he buzzed through everyone pretty quickly. He didn’t ask if I wanted it to stay or to go, but it was easy enough to let the server guy know. I honestly haven’t had too much experience with In-N-Out, but from what I can tell and what other people have said, it’s almost an exact replica. The food was perfect, excellent burger, outstanding fries (I wish they were a bit bigger), and the whole restaurant concept was dead on. 🙂

The shake machine was broken. I think the service man for the machine company was on-site. A few of the people that got their orders before me had to send back their food for not making them correctly. I attribute this to the newness of the staff. As I understand it, the owner is Chad Stubbs, a silent investor for many projects in Utah. This just happens to be his own project. He said he always has loved In-N-Out Burger and since they most likely will never make it up this way, he wanted to design his own version. When you go in you might be concerned about certain trademarks or copyright laws, like this story from Dallas, but I think there’s enough originality that he wouldn’t be in too much danger.

Again, come down and enjoy probably the closest thing to the real In-N-Out Utah will ever have. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂


UPDATE: Please view this external LINK for more info.


3 Replies to “Chadder’s, Pt. 2”

  1. I love it! It’s a good hamburger and you don’t feel gross and heavy after eating it. I would recommend Chadders to anyone.

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