Diabetes Medication Scare?

Avandia, a medication prescribed to Type II Diabetic people to help control their blood sugar, was determined to increase the chances of someone using it’s chance of a heart attack. I haven’t gotten around to reading all the news articles but will post some links to them below.

I was prescribed it after my first couple weeks of taking two metformin a day was not helping lower my blood sugar levels. Almost immediately, my blood sugar began decreasing. This was great. My doctor also doubled my metformin prescription to four a day. Now my blood sugar hovers around 110 and up to 180 after a big meal. Still considered a little high but much better.

I was listening to my podcast of the Lex & Terry morning radio show from Dallas and their news guy, Peter, leads off the news segment with this: “Yesterday six million diabetics crapped their pants when GlaxoSmithKline and their drug, Avandia, was found to have potentially caused 45% greater risk of heart attack than people who are not taking the drug.” He also mentioned that the FDA already knew about this study. The report also said if you are currently taking it, not to stop and to talk to your physician.

I already have an appointment with the doctor this week and will definitely be asking him about it. I will let you all know too. In the meantime, don’t worry about me. If you read the warnings on the Avandia site I linked above, you’ll see some of the side effects and honestly, I’m not experiencing any of those. I am doing very well, actually.


Some articles:

Medical News Today





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