New Blog Features

Hello! I wanted to go over a bit of what this current rendition of MFO: Blog has to offer. First of all, on each page there are two main sections, the post or page section (explained later) and an info section. In the post/page section, you will see the content of the blog. In the info section, you will see a treasure trove of linkage and feeds from other blogs and news sites. We will also have a monthly photo feature and local weather for most of our main locations.

Within posts, there are a few helpful features to help you in your discovery. Whenever there is a link, if you hover or hold the mouse cursor over it, you will see or soon see a quick snapshot of that linked page. This feature is called Snap! and it’s pretty cool, I think. If there are abbreviations or acronyms, there will be a dotted underscore and again, just hover the mouse over the word and you will see a definition. This feature is not visible in Internet Explorer 6 or below; the feature works still but you cannot see the dotted underscore. I will try my best to provide relevant links and define any acronyms in each of my posts.

As mentioned, in the sidebar or info section, there is a bevy of features I hope you will find useful and not just clutter. Briefly, starting from the top…

  • About – This is basically what would show up if you clicked the About link along the top-right of the page; a brief summary of this blog
  • Channels – These are the different categories I will blog about.
    • MFO: Main: Most generic posts will land here
    • Timmy’s Take: My own personal blogging about me and my feelings
    • Webmaster’s Blog: Blogging about the site and stuff
    • Wyatt’s Playground: All about my little guy
    • XRT-FM: Posts about news and events for my web radio station
  • Tools – These are your basic site controls. You can login/out and subscribe to RSS Feeds from my blog
  • Latest Comments – These are the most recent comments provided by you, our readers
  • Chas’ Feed – RSS Feed from Chas’ Blog
  • Utah, Tacoma, Spokane & Texas Headlines – Feeds from news sites
  • Archives – A collection of posts organized by month
  • Family Pages – Links to sites run by family members
  • Great Places – Links to some neat sites
  • Channel Tags – This is a new trendy thingy that shows by font size what the more popular (by posts) Channels are
  • MFO: Weather – Weather info provided by
  • MFO: Photos – A monthly pictorial
  • Stats and Search – How many unique visits to the site and a blog search tool

I will evaluate the usefulness of these items and tune as needed. Please give me your feedback by posting a comment below.

In the post/page section, you will see mainly all the blog posts that are in the channel you are browsing or if you are in the home page, you will see all the posts newest to oldest. Along the top-right of the page, you’ll see links to Home, About, Family and Links. These are “pages” and are just custom-built for whatever I’d like you to enjoy. I could also use a custom page to open when you first get to the site. Once I know more about this software, that will most likely happen.

As always, thanks for reading and visiting the MFO: Blog! Please comment below and come back every day as I will try to post something exciting, relevant and useful for you. Come back often!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

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