A Family Weekend

Hello all! I really had a great weekend! We had so much fun. We barbecued, we went on a nice drive, we spent the night in a tent in the backyard, we just had a lot of fun. On June 1st, I will post a link to the pictures I took of the new Draper Temple that is currently under construction. Also in that photo album are many breathtaking views of the Salt Lake valley and Utah valley, as well as some incredible houses up on the canyons.

On Saturday, Deb, Bekah, Ruth, Rachel, Wyatt and I went up to the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City. We first went to the store to help Bekah and Ruth upgrade their cell phones. Then Bekah and Deb went back home to take care of some stuff. Rachel, Wyatt, Ruth and I went to see Shrek the Third at a theater near Ruth’s place. Great movie! I highly recommend it. We grabbed some dinner then headed home.

Sunday was Deb’s friend Lynda’s 25th birthday and we helped her celebrate with cake and a turkey dinner. Ruth joined us for dinner and we setup the tent in the backyard and we all had an outdoor slumber party. We played some fun games where someone starts a story then the next person had to continue on. That was a fun evening.

Monday came and I pulled out the barbecue and made sure it was still in working condition, it was. We invited everyone again and Rachel’s Grandma and Deb’s friends Jackie and Lynda came as well to enjoy a barbecue dinner. We recently bought a large shade canopy that also had screens to help keep bugs out and it also helped calm the wind. Everyone pitched in and we had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

Thank you, everyone, for helping out with preparations, it was awesome!



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