Roadtrip to the Arches!

Hello! I wanted to take a few pixels to share with you all our fun trip to Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah. If you look over to the right, you will see a link to the photos we took. Take some time to browse those and hopefully enjoy them. I drove about 10 hours on Saturday, the 9th. That was actually not too bad as I enjoy driving around. We (myself, Rachel, Wyatt, Deb, Bekah & Lynda) headed south on I-15 then east through the Spanish Fork Canyon and down to the National Park. It was about a 3 1/2 hour trip. We entered the park around 1pm and stopped at the Balanced Rock to each our picnic lunch. We had ham and turkey sandwiches, some chips and snacks. We continued around the park to see the Windows then finally the Delicate Arch. I totally enjoyed myself while in the park and took quite a few pictures. We started heading back on I-70 West towards Richfield. We stopped to eat at a Denny’s in Salina (pronounced sal-eye-nah). We then cut up north on US-89 towards Manti. We made it into town near dusk and was able to shoot a few pictures of the Manti Temple.

The trip was fantastic and we all enjoyed ourselves and got to visit quite a bit. We found out more about Deb’s idiosyncrasies (more later!). We were able to have a great time and a safe trip. Thanks to everyone.



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

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