Job Search… Still!

Hi all!

I am struggling a little lately. I’ve had a couple of very good, positive interviews only to find out they can’t pay me near what I need to make. I am not regretting moving to Utah at all but this certainly makes little question marks float in and around my head. Intel has been very generous with me and my salary. I sometimes (very, very seldom and only for a split second) wish they weren’t so generous. It really comes down to a few things. 1) I really feel like my years as a entry-level agent in the helpdesk environment have been spent and 2) I need to support my little family. I am looking for more advanced positions like team lead or helpdesk supervisor.

The most recent interview really got me excited was with a small company called iTok. This is a very small upstart residential and small business technical support company. I was very excited by the fact that they originally were interviewing me for the tech support agent position but later in the interview, the manager switched and decided I would be a much better fit for a management position. When he called me to offer the job, it was very low. 😥 I was really crushed. I really was feeling great about the prospects of the job. They just landed a few high-profile contracts with internet service providers including Comcast. I still am debating this and wondering if it’s worth some risk in the income department.

I really loved my time at Intel and am really upset that things went “down” the way they did. Down as in south. South as in Costa Rica. With Utah’s somewhat lower economy with salaries in this field, the challenge of finding a good job that pays well enough has proven to be exceptional.

If you are in the area and know of any good job leads I would be more than grateful to hear of them. I feel that I will be blessed in some fashion for my hard work and dedication at Intel these past years. Just as I was greatly blessed for my long years and dedication at Office Depot. Patience, faith and good interviewing skills are really what’s going to get me there. Your faith as well, people! Thank you!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

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