Wyatt’s Little Adventure

Now that Wyatt’s been back in daycare on a daily basis, there are some pros and cons that come along. Some pros are just the fact that he’s back to a structured lifestyle. This generally leads to better behavior, more regular sleep schedules and more. Other pros are that he is now learning more from his teachers in a school setting. One of the cons we’ve seen and at times cringed at are his reluctance to let go.

Lately at home and now at school whenever someone leaves to go shopping or go home or whatever, he freaks out and has to say goodbye 3 to 4 thousand times before they’re allowed to go. This has been an odd and frustrating behavior he’s been exhibiting. This has now spread to when Rachel drops him off at daycare each morning. This problem has come to a head yesterday morning.

Rachel drops Wyatt at school before heading to her office. Conveniently enough, she works about a block and a half away from the center. Yesterday, she struggles to detach from his death grip and the teacher is able to get him distracted enough to let Rachel escape to her van and start driving to work. Rachel gets down a little ways and looks in her rear-view mirror and to her horror, here comes little Wyatt running up the sidewalk chasing her!! 😯 She screeches to a halt, flips a uey and grabs him and storms into the center like a roaring bonfire! After having it out with the center owner who admitted to not seeing him escape, I advised her to submit an official complaint with the childcare bureau of Utah.

When Rachel described this event I could not imagine how this could have happened. I do not in any way excuse Wyatt’s actions in this situation, but to be a daycare center and just allow small children to run out the front entrance is very irresponsible and cannot go unpunished. The center has a rather tall front desk that’s about 4 foot and the majority of the “students” are much shorter and could slip by unnoticed.

I really hope this is a one-time deal and it never happens again. Not just for Wyatt’s sake, but for any child in the center’s care. Now we just need to come up with an effective punishment. Wyatt has always challenged us with this as he doesn’t seem to get very attached to any toy or item that taking it away makes an impact. Any help you have would be welcomed.



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