Landed a job!

Hi all!

I got a great job at Novell! Rachel submitted my resume to a couple managers this week and on Wednesday was contacted almost immediately to schedule me for an interview. I interviewed the next day and was passed to three different managers and leads. I was contacted an hour later with an offer to start July 16th! Perfect. Rachel works in another department at Novell so we can now carpool which will save us tons in gas money. The only minor hangup I have is that they don’t hire directly so I will be a contractor for a short time until I show them what a gem they have. 😉

I’m very grateful that this is like history repeating itself. In late 2003, after threatening to quit Office Depot, Rachel submitted my resume to a contracted position on one of those job sites. That same day, I was contacted and gave a phone interview and was hired to start the day after my last day at Office Depot. Then I worked as a contractor at Intel for about a year and three months and was hired permanent by Intel.

I actually have another pending job as well. It’s a helpdesk supervisor position. This is the direction I really want to go in so that is appealing. The only problem is it’s twice as far away as my current job at Intel. The pay would be a little better but probably not enough to offset the extra commute. I have a dilemma but if I play my cards right I might be able to negotiate a little more money from Novell.

We shall see what turns out. I am relieved on a few different fronts; one is the job front, I have one! The other is our home is going to be refinanced and we will be able to convert our two mortgages into a single loan. This, along with my separation money from Intel, will enable us to buy some things for the house like a dining set and a new sofa and rocker/recliners we’ve been really needing.

Life has a nifty way of healing itself and brightening up when it’s most needed. Rachel is feeling much better, our financial situation is improving and stabilizing, Wyatt is growing up so fast (that’s a little sad), so much is so good now. Thank Heavens!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

One thought on “Landed a job!”

  1. Congrats on the job. It will be great to have you supporting Novell for us (SOS Technical). I know it’s not your preferred route (to go through a contracting firm), but I hope it’s a smooth and painless process.

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