Messed up knee

😦 Man! If life is going well for more than a few days, someone must catch on and offer up another challenge. I went to my almost former supervisor, Jason’s house to celebrate the Fourth. He had some friends over and they will typically throw around a basketball nearby after dinner. I love basketball and have really been wanting to play some ball lately. I did and we played some games of 21 and HORSE. After we started playing what was going to be “one last game of 21”, I landed funny and felt my left knee almost crumble.

No pain, really, just a lot of crackling and popping from the knee. As the night progressed and we returned home to light off fireworks, it really stiffened up and became quite painful. Not so much popping just very sore. I just prayed that the surgery I had on that knee almost 6 years ago didn’t go away in one quick leap. I really have been easy on it since the surgery, not playing rough sports, not running, just being gentle. This quick game of basketball was really the hardest I’ve played in a long time.

I’m really sad that this happened and will really hate it if I have to get more work done on it. The other crummy deal is that I start my new job in a couple weeks. Again, talk about timing 😡 . Keep me in your prayers and I hope this fixes itself quickly and without any major complications.



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