Nemo: In Memoriam

Our Nemo...

UPDATE: “Blackie” caught some mysterious illness and was coated with some ashy substance when we found him dead last Friday afternoon (7/27). 😥

Our family’s pet and companion for the past 7 months, Nemo, has met his porcelain destiny. 😥 After we returned from our 2 day camping trip, realizing we hadn’t fed him those two days, we noticed a steep down-turn in Nemo’s activity and attitude. We found him dead on the bottom of the tank, resting peacefully on Tuesday morning, the 17th. Wyatt helped to dispense of the corpse reluctantly and with a few sweet tears of sadness and a flick of the wrist, it was done.

We went out the next evening to PetSmart and were able to pick out a mid-sized fish that had the similar popped-eye look but in a deep matte black, a Black Moor. The hope is that the already grown size might help Blackie survive longer. Wyatt has constantly been a conscientious owner, feeding twice a day and reminding me to refill the tank when it gets low. I’ve also cleaned out the filter pump and replaced the filter a number of times keeping our beloved’s water fresh and healthy.

Our hope is that Blackie will continue to thrive and be as great of a pet that Nemo was.

*This picture is when Nemo was still alive.


One Reply to “Nemo: In Memoriam”

  1. You know, at some point Wyatt’s going to be a friend’s house who’s got a fish with normal eyes and he’s gonna say, “What’s wrong with your fish’s eyes???”

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