It happened again…

According to, another child ran away from the daycare center Wyatt attends. The article mentions Wyatt’s incident and the resulting installation of cowbells on the door. This time, the kid actually ran across the street which is generally busy and a blind curve. Apparently, the mother works at the business across the street. The kid was looking for her room after using the restroom, got lost in the center and went to the place she knew mommy would be. Thankfully, the child was unharmed but what a terrifying experience.

The advantage this center has is it’s excellent location. It’s located in the industrial/business/retail center in south Provo. Large companies like Novell and excelGraphics are located nearby.

I would personally hate to see this center closed. They have really done a great job overall. They’ve educated and entertained Wyatt for almost two years without any other major incidents. The owner of the center has really taken great care and most likely great cost to upgrade and maintain the facility. The kids all love the new playground jungle-gyms and playsets. It would be a horrible situation if the center were to close.

What are your thoughts? Should we “shop around” for another center? Should we lay low and give them yet another chance to improve? It’s pretty scary, really.



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