Some anxiety…

Hello.. I have been feeling some general anxiety this last week or so. I can attribute a couple items but it isn’t really what is causing it. The few things that I could consciously call stresses were my MRI results (more later), Wyatt’s behavior, my current work status and my general health. Those kind of switched on and off depending on the day, but again were symptoms of a greater issue.

As far as my MRI is concerned… I was diagnosed with a very low hormone level. We had been exploring our lack of ability to have another child. This was that reason. The MRI was to check my pituitary to make sure there wasn’t any irregularity or blockage. I had the scan last Friday (9/14) and had to wait until Wednesday for the results, which were normal and clear. 🙂

Wyatt has kind of gone in waves with his behavior patterns. He began kindergarten early this month. His teacher has a behavioral scoring system with colored large popsicle sticks. Red is bad, yellow is not so good and green is good. Wyatt started off real good getting green sticks for the first few days. He then went on a streak of all red sticks. This week he was caught kicking a little girl while she was laying on the ground! Yesterday he bit a kid on the back which broke the skin. 😦 We’re trying to get a grip on that whole thing.


Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

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