Computer geek’s #1 tool

Bent Clip

Yes, friends, the bent paperclip! What would any of us do without it?? How many CDs would never make it in the drive before boot time? How many CDs would never make it out of a dead drive? How many network routers would never feel the exhilaration of a hardware reset? How many electrical circuits couldn’t be made on the fly? Yes, fellow geeks, our jobs would be exponentially more difficult and radically less fulfulling without this handy tool.

What other things can we do with a bent paperclip? We need to honor this worthy sidekick. Years may go by without any sort of praise or recognition. Please leave a comment with your homage to this technical phenomenon!


2 Replies to “Computer geek’s #1 tool”

  1. Back in the days of my first Palm Pilots the idea was that it would be rare to do a reset. Boy, they were wrong. You used to have to use a paper clip, but then they just built a small point into the stylus to do it that way. My last PDA had a reset button big enough that the whole point of the stylus could be used.

    Of course, everything’s better with iPhone. If for some odd reason you need to shut it off or reset it, you just need to hold down the power button. Why was that so hard to think of? A paper clip is, however, used to remove the SIM card. But that only happens about as often as needing to take a CD out of its tray manually.

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