House, MD: 10/2 Episode

Dr. House Last night, on House, MD (Fox), Dr. House was slimming down his selection of fellows-to-be and one of them was casted as a black member of the LDS Church. House questioned his faith and tested his beliefs about the Word of Wisdom. Basically, it came down to this student was a non-drinker and for some diagnostic testing, House needed to know how quickly he would show signs of getting intoxicated. This character did a good job of refusing until House challenged him with “every life is sacred” and then, the student relented and agreed to participate.

My wife and I were watching this and got a bit nervous during this scene. We were hoping it would come out as a positive and while not being entirely negative, it showed the guy compromising his beliefs after being challenged and given a “good reason”. 😕

Without getting too much more into personal beliefs, how did you that saw this feel about the alleged exposure this very popular TV drama brought to the Church?


14 Replies to “House, MD: 10/2 Episode”

  1. What an interesting post to stumble upon. Glad I found it.

    First, happy blog birthday, Tim.

    Second, I was interested in this episode. (The drinking one) I was interested to see how the gentleman reacted to what House had to say. House always has a convincing argument. Although I was surprised to see the gentleman go ahead and drink the alcohol, I understood his reasonings. With that in mind, I probably would have made the same choice. I agree, that all life is sacred, and I see House’s point for the reason he wanted the gentleman to drink the alcohol. I was glad to see the gentleman put up a fight in the name of his beliefs and to refuse to drink, but I do not feel he was wrong to change his mind after hearing what House had to say.

    When it comes down to it, this choice would have been between the gentleman and God. And personally, I don’t know that God is so black and white He would have sent the gentleman to Hell for this.

    I don’t think this episode made all Mormons look bad. The weak ones maybe, but the strong ones will still resist temptation. In fact, I agree with Brian M- this might bring up opportunities for discussion and open some doors for us to share what our beliefs are and WHY.

    As for Ian and your comments, I am interested to hear what you have heard and where you have heard it from. . .

  2. Ahhhh …. my semi mormon wife and myself an ex mormon laughed hard and hardy over the mormon comments on this show ( great show BTW) Some people…mostly mormons, cant handle the directness of truth. Everything house has said is documented in the church’s own history…often in JS’s own handwriting. Mormons are afraid to find out what the true history of the church really is….and even if they read it, they would deny it. Bu then, people are very gullible about such things. I mean, we use to believe the earth was flat as well…

  3. @tim the poster:
    Tone = calm. (I hate it that tone can’t be translated though text correctly)

    First, you provide no information whatsoever, and instead just insult the LDS religion/members. Nice argument you got there.

    Second, the world didn’t think the earth was flat:
    Please stop using that statement to prove that everyone in existence is gullible.

    Thanks for the inspiration. All your doing is creating contention, and we all know that contention is of the devil. Have fun with your (after)life.


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