Chas, Rachel & other drama…

Scales of JusticeHere we sit, at the edge of eternity. Each day seemingly bringing another challenge from above. Let us review the last couple years (too keep the list shorter)…


  • Bought house in American Fork – Positive
  • Mom went into hospital for diabetic coma – Negative
  • Mom recovers nicely – Positive
  • Dad diagnosed with brain cancer – Negative
  • Take multiple trips to Washington – Both
  • Rachel gets Employee of the Year at Novell – Positive
  • Dad passes away from cancer – Negative


  • Training trip to Costa Rica – Positive
  • Rachel breaks ankle at Wal-Mart – Negative
  • Rachel suffers for 6 months – Negative
  • Tim is laid-off from Intel – Negative
  • Tim gets good severance package – Positive
  • Refinance house paying off debt – Positive
  • Tim gets temp job at Novell – Both
  • Rachel gets laid-off at Novell – Negative
  • Chas submits Mission Papers – Positive

What an incredible life we have to live. Things ebb and flow with time. Looking at this on the surface it looks pretty even. It’s easy to grasp onto the negative and really focus on it. If only it were the other way around. What if it was all the great and miraculous events that we always remembered? I think we can teach ourselves to think this way. I think it’s the natural man that influences us to focus on the negative and really loose perspective while we are in the moment.

While I was running through my sketchy memories of the last 2 years, I realized that we have really been so blessed while living here in Utah. Yes, I really want to return home to Washington to my family and old friends. Yes, the weather there is preferred. But you know, why run away from what we have here? Why kink the hose from the flow of blessings? We are in Utah for a purpose. We have a great house, a great ward, plenty of family to help us along. We had none of that in Sacramento. (not to mention the weather!)

We go through our lives like a novel. Different chapters sectioning off parts of our lives. We have the 0-20 chapter where we have our training and upbringing. We have 20-29, when we’re in our twenties, being young and trying to work out an existence that has some meaning to us and others. I am sitting at the edge of the next chapter at 31. I was thinking that 30 was a bit more meaningful than 31. 30 is a major milestone. 31-39 is just another chapter when we are thirty-somethings. Of course, there are many many chapters that go inside those ones.

How do we step back and really look at the big picture when we are seemingly stuck in the muck of a negative event or situation? It’s so hard. When Rachel was suffering for months with her ankle injury earlier this year, she would feel like it will never end. She would start getting better, have a good week or two and something would break down again and it would be like everything started over. It continued like this for the last couple months until she finally recovered. This was such a challenge for us. She felt helpless. To her, it really felt like her world was crumbling and she couldn’t do a thing to fix it. Yes, the house was a mess and dishes were sitting, rotting in the sink; Wyatt was only getting one bath a week for a while. It took some effort for us to start picking up the slack. I think I blogged about this earlier, but suffice it to say, it was a long time coming when Rachel could finally function.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m being really preachy about looking up when life is down and trying to regain perspective. I know that I have my own problems and ways of dealing with depression and anxiety. I know I have plenty of work to do.

Right now, we need your prayers and faith to help us move through this muddy situation and help Rachel find some new work. We don’t think it’s time yet to move to Washington. Soon, someday. Thanks for reading. Leave your thoughts and encouragement for Rachel as a comment.



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

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