My quandary

I am currently working as a temp at Novell for their internal help desk. It’s a great job in that I get to learn a lot about using the Linux operating system and some Novell software. It’s a horrible job in that it’s temp. I don’t get any holiday or time-off pay. I don’t get any 401k matching. The job pays ok, but it’s really unsatisfying. The situation as far as getting hired on permanently is like this: No one is usually hired on directly in the help desk. Generally, a staffing company recruits agents and after a period of about 9 months, Novell can choose to hire them or let them go. The reason for the 9 month period is that the staffing company and Novell have an agreement and if Novell wants to hire someone before the 9 months, they would have to do a buy-out and pay that staffing company. This makes sense and is just fine for most folks. Since I was not referred to Novell through a staffing company, I am employed a little differently. I am still working for a staffing company, but am not subject to the 9 month minimum. Knowing that fact makes things a lot more frustrating and makes me even less patient with the whole deal. I have been performing very well, I have learned a lot and am a great asset to the team (not my words). Why wait to hire me on? If it costs Novell nothing extra to hire me from a staffing company, what is the delay? That is one side of my quandary.

I was approached by a former fellow Intel employee to come lead a team of agents for a new support company. The money will be good, the benefits are there, and I would be managing direct reports. That’s exactly what I was working on when I was at Intel. The interviews have gone very well and I am expecting an offer this week. Everything looks really good about this new job. Now with Rachel looking for work, we don’t have the carpooling benefit right now to factor. The only hangup is Wyatt’s kindergarten.

He goes to school right by Novell in Provo. He was able to begin kindergarten early because he goes to a private daycare. It worked perfect for this whole time because Rachel worked nearby. Now she’s looking at jobs in Salt Lake County (where most of them are) and my new job would also be up there. We would need to find him another daycare and I’m not sure there’s many of them that have a kindergarten built in.

I open this issue to you. I’m looking for general advice as far as should I wait for Novell to hire me on or go for this job and kind of mess with Wyatt’s education? I’m also looking for you to maybe email or call Rachel to give her some encouragement and love for this challenge.

Thank you!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

2 thoughts on “My quandary”

  1. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Meaning: take the sure thing–the job offer.

    Day care is a challenging issue, to be sure. When my wife went back to work, we were fortunate to have a family friend who provided in-home daycare. Life was good. We paid $100 a week and our son was well cared for.

    Today, if my wife were to go back to work, we would have to look for another source for daycare. The family friend no longer does daycare and my wife’s mom wouldn’t be able to watch our kids.

    Sadly, we live in a world where both parents often have to work outside the home.

    I hope you and your wife are able to find a good solution to your daycare/kindegarten dilema.

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