Linux or Windows?

Windows or Linux?If you would have asked me this question say 4 months ago, I would have giggled and said, “Windows!”. Up to that point, I’ve had a closed-minded attitude regarding Linux. I had worked for Intel for 4+ years supporting everything Microsoft. Before that, I worked at Office Depot selling computers and software – all Windows. Since I was like 5 or 6 we had some sort of computer in the house and it ran MS-DOS or Windows. In the last ten years or so I knew of people who would swear by Linux. When I got married to Rachel, her brothers and dad were all Linux-heads and would regularly ridicule me for my lack of interest in those other distributions.

Now that I’ve worked for Novell the last 3 months or so, I have a much broader view and a more fair attitude towards Linux. Novell owns SUSE Linux. A lot of the employees I support have Linux as their main system. I am writing this post on a Linux machine. I have to say that I really like it. It’s a lot free-er than Windows! There’s much more community support for applications and drivers. Did I mention the lack of cost?

In all honesty, I still prefer Windows for most things. There’s a lot more commercially-available software like Quicken and stuff that doesn’t have an open-source equivalent. See this other blog post from a buddy, Adam: Click Here.

I referred to Ubuntu Linux (a popular distribution of Linux) as the AOL of Linux. I said that it’s put together with minimal settings available for folks who might not be familiar with Linux so they don’t mess things up. Read this message board thread on the discussion: Click Here.

My final take on this: I like both. If I had a choice, I would always pick Windows. With all due respect to Linux, it’s getting closer, just not quite there. I will continue to play with and learn it.

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One Reply to “Linux or Windows?”

  1. I am also a Windows lover as that is the only thing I have every truly used except at school and work when using cetain servers. The problem I had was about 4 years ago I tried to run Suse on my home pc and things just weren’t there to work. I installed Ubuntu earlier this week and again I am having trouble this time getting the Internet to work, I hope to get it working this week. Its definitely still isn’t as easy as Windows but I think its time is coming very soon.

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