Chas is going to Ohio!

Chas, my youngest brother, opened the big, white envelope from Salt Lake City, last night at 5:30pm (pacific daylight time). In it, it instructed him that he would be serving his 2 year English speaking mission in the Ohio – Cleveland mission. He will report to the MTC January 30th, 2008.

We are all very excited about this. We are all VERY proud of the progress he’s made in the past year. I think he’ll do great. We all had kind of made our predictions of where he would be sent. Joe thought some western US area, I thought Brazil, Rachel thought Mid-west like Kentucky or Missouri, and Chas mentioned somewhere in Europe. I served in Florida – Jacksonville, Joe in Wisconsin – Milwaukee and now Chas in Ohio – Cleveland. We all stayed in the US. I thought for sure, the odds would be against him staying stateside.

I wish Chas the best in this new journey in his life. What a great decision to make!



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