I was offered a new job last night after work. This job is one I feel like I’ve fought tooth and nail for for the last month. There was some issues of gaining buy-off from some folks in corporate and from the customer. It seemed to go back and forth for an eternity.

We got it worked out and I will start my new job on Monday, the 12th. This new job is with a company called Slash Support. Interesting that this company is based in India, where most large companies have outsourced their technical support. The company is now setting up a call center here in Utah to have US based support.

I was informed of this job from a former colleague at Intel. The job is a Team Lead, which is a bit different from the team lead jobs I’ve had before. I will be an actual supervisor, having around 15 direct reports that I will manage. This is right in line with my original career goals I was striving for at Intel. I’m very excited and have great expectations for this new journey.



2 Replies to “Finally!”

  1. Good for you Tim. I am glad you got what you always wanted. I am still here at Convergys supporting Netapp(Network Appliances). The pay is very good now. I work Tuesday through Saturday from 6am to 3pm. I don’t mind that schedule so far. It gives me a week day and Sunday off.

    I hope the family is fine and your wife has finally healed everything. Say hi to Wyatt.


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