Bike to work!

UPDATE!!! We took a test drive last night and went around 2 miles round-trip. I was towing Wyatt in his attached bike and I found a couple things out… #1 My bike needs some serious adjustments (gears mostly) and #2 At an elevation around 5,000 feet, air is a little harder to come by in a hurry. We determined for my health and safety, we should probably keep building up to a ride like that; plus it’s supposed to snow again later this week. 😦

Old Bike

Hey y’all! I live exactly 4 miles from work! Rachel measured it for me today. I think before the week is out and if the weather holds true, I will bike to work. It’s nice since I don’t have anything I have to pack in, other than a frozen meal in a Wal-Mart bag. I’m excited as this should be what gets me the exercise I just can’t get into via traditional means. I am really concerned lately as my mid-section has been expanding and the numbers on the scale have been elevating. I’m feeling my back getting strained while I sleep and when I do some moving around. My shirts are all getting tighter too. I would think with my new job and there being a lot less stress in general, that this kind of pattern wouldn’t continue. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Let’s get this bike riding down to a science so I can start losing this awful gut. I’m in! Are you???



4 Replies to “Bike to work!”

  1. This is the first time I read this blog, but it put a smile to my face knowing that one more person is going to experience the joy of bike riding like I have! Best of luck to you in your exercise program! Feel free to check my blog out…I love sharing my thoughts about fitness and living healthy (

  2. Good for you! I would love to bike- or even walk- to work. Especially in the spring with the weather being so nice. Keep up the good work- and let us know the results!!!

  3. Great Blog! I just biked to work for the 1st time ever this morning. I had a great experience, check out my Blog if you get a chance. It is also the firsttime I ever set up a blog!

    -Kick Stan

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