Time is nearing

Hey kiddies! Something that’s been kind of back-burner’d for awhile is starting to creep into the front-burners a bit. We still have some time, but nonetheless it’s an issue. Rachel was laid-off from her job back in October. They gave her a decent severance check and then she has been on unemployment for a few months now. This along with pulling Wyatt out of daycare/kindergarten has proved enough for our needs. Rachel has been steadily searching for jobs and has gone to many interviews ultimately not landing any of them. The concern is that come June her unemployment ends and we will have to be very creative with our finances.

I’ve mentioned here a few times that Rachel’s skill set is in an odd place. She’s very overqualified for the typical administrative assistant and doesn’t have the education for a statistical or business analyst position. Her job previously was perfect as she was a hybrid of all the above. She has the experience needed to fill those roles but lacks that slip of paper that says she has a degree.

We are really searching for ideas. How can we best settle this situation? Maybe with a single income, she can better qualify for student loans or assistance and go to school and get that degree. I wish I knew. Can any of you provide some ideas? On a more spiritual level, we are starting to feel like maybe the Lord is letting us know that Rachel doesn’t need to have a full-time job. It’s never been so hard for her to land at least something.

Let us know what we can do…

Thanks all,



One Reply to “Time is nearing”

  1. Hang in there- both of you. I agree, that this is probably coming from the Lord. But I don’t know that it is a sign to give up quite yet.

    As for the finances of schooling, I know a friend of mine made more money when she was working full time (and no school) and her husband was working part time and going to school full time. It would certainly be something I recommend to consider.

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