Les Misérables

Les Misérables

Rachel and I got a unique opportunity to attend local American Fork High School’s presentation of Les Misérables. last night. I have never before seen any version of this play or even the movie. I’ve listened to the Broadway Musical soundtrack with Rachel a few times. I have to say, this was a great show! I was very impressed. The performers at AFHS were very talented and really nailed it. This was the final performance and it was just outstanding! The performances by the lead actors, especially who played Jean Valjean, nearly drew tears to my eyes and definitely gave me a lump in my throat. I am generally not touched by plays or movies, but there are some exceptions, My Dog Skip, being one. For the $7 this was very much worth it. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was also delighted to sit very near the stage/orchestra. Rachel’s singing along with the cast was a special side-benefit! If you get a chance sometime, look up your local high schools and see if they are performing this beautiful musical soon. It will not be a waste of time or effort.-Tim


5 Replies to “Les Misérables”

  1. I am a violin from the pit orchestra. Thank you for coming to see our musical. Remember though, you saw the school edition. The school edition tones down a lot of the “bad words, parts, ect.” If you see the actual musical it may be fine, but it really depends on the director. Again, thank you for supporting our fine arts department. P.S. It’s too bad you missed Friday night. We had two conductors for the shows and on Friday we had a 15 year-old. Friday was the best night, closing being second.

  2. Les Mis is my absolute favorite musical in the world. The music is inspired of God in my mind, that is for sure. I have seen it in London, New York, LA and all over, but I bet this rendition was just as sweet! Make sure you go and see a professional production of it if you ever get the chance to, to get the full power of the music, it is life changing.

  3. Wow, ITDH, well traveled are we??? Thanks for the advice! I really loved this one. My wife saw the broadway version in San Francisco. She loved both versions. This high school has an incredible star in the fella that played Jean val Jean (Sp)

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