How’s It Goin’?

It’s going pretty well, considering everything. As I’ve learned somewhat reluctantly over the past years, life is never without its challenges for very long. I don’t know what it is about my lovely wife, but she seems to be a magnet for trials and other difficult issues. I keep dismissing it as Heavenly Father just really wants her to be on her toes all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming stuff that happens on her. If you’ve known her any time before we were married, you know that this pattern of difficulty has not only been a recent addition to her life. Aside from all that, here’s what is going on…

Rachel, while doing better in general, is starting to feel pain in her elbows. There is also some odd bit of something on the back of her right hand. We initially thought it was some swelling, but it has some substance to it and it will move around a little. She is still on the hunt for a decent job. Rachel is definitely feeling more positive about things in spite of her difficulties. I love her so much!

Wyatt is learning to read and write!! His Auntie Ruth is a kindergarten teacher and has some great methods and materials to get him interested and in the learning mode. He’s been learning a lot of sight-words. These are small words that he can memorize by sight and not have to sound them out. He has 50 to do and already has about 20 mastered. He has, as we’ve always known, an incredible mind. (yeah, I can brag on my boy!) It’s always been very impressive to watch this child’s mind work things out and think logically to solve problems. We are working to get him to a place where he can test-out of kindergarten and go straight to first grade. We’ve discussed this and feel that if he’s not being stretched or challenged enough, his boredom quickly turns into misbehavior. Have mercy on his teacher… On top of all his smarts and intelligence, he is so freakin’ cute! If you ever meet him or if you already know him, I DARE YOU to not love him!

What about me? I’m good. I’m still struggling to grasp onto this new job. I am trying to fight off my inherent lazy streak. I am trying hard to learn these systems and methods. It’s not really difficult it’s just still foreign to the methods that I’ve picked up in my past jobs as a tech support agent. I’m getting there… I had a bit of a scare a few days ago when I checked my glucose levels for the first time in a month and it was an abominable 231! I had been continuing my meds as prescribed, but have really become careless in my diet. I had become very complacent and while knowing I am still diabetic, that I was under control enough to not have to pay much attention. I became somewhat aware there might be a problem when I started to have a bit of blurry vision that was all to familiar. I am now back to a healthy 95+/- level. I’ve also been working on XRT-FM 2.0 for a couple weeks. So far, it’s been challenging, but now it’s at a good point where I can break away from it to let more ideas flow in.

There you go! That’s how it’s goin’. We’re good. We still need your prayers, as always. We’re not at all immune from the evil influences in this world… heck, last night we watched Clerks for Heaven’s sake! (funny flick, by the way!) Love you guys! Be good!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

2 thoughts on “How’s It Goin’?”

  1. Scary there, Tim. No more of that lazy on the diabetes stuff. Too risky.

    Good to hear about your family stuff though. And although it may not be to your extent, I am also amazed by how Rachel handles things. She is a good influence. Wyatt is adorable, both Selo and I love him 😉

    Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear how y’all are doing.

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