Holy freakin\' cow! This was taken the morning of May 1st, 2008! In my front yard! In Utah! This is what I don’t understand. I live in a desert. Yes, it’s a high desert, but still a desert. But why, almost halfway through the year, is it still snowing?? It was upwards of 80 degrees yesterday!! This morning, 30. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the white stuff. I love it when it snows… IN THE WINTER!!!! I never imagined I would get sick of it. Growing up in western Washington, the climate was pretty mild and it might – MIGHT snow once or twice a winter. It was a glorious thing too, we got to miss school, we got to build a snowman, give white-washes, make snow angels and try to avoid the yellow snow. There were times we even threw some vanilla extract in a big mixing bowl full of the fluffy stuff and had snow ice cream! These were all great memories. But this almost ruins it for me. Even Rachel, who grew up snow-less in the Bay Area, is getting fed up with the frozen precipitation. Luckily I got the lawn mowed and fertilized before it got too nasty out.

Now that I’ve vented a bit I will tell you that next Winter I will, no doubt, be again delighted and fascinated by the drifting white. But I promise you… If June comes and it snows…. I’m never going to mow the lawn again… we will live in a jungle for all I care! Be good!


PS: I need to ask Al Gore what in the world he was talking about…


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