A few items

Hi there. There comes some great benefits from Rachel working at BYU. One really great one is that I can go to school there for free and get 20% off books. I am seriously considering getting back in there now. I am deciding between a Management path or something like Communications so I can be involved with Broadcasting. It has to be undergraduate or it costs.

Another thing is that I love the rain! Being from the great Pacific Northwest, rain was the breath of life. Sure if you live there, you get sick of it.. But deep, deep down, you always love it. I moved to Sacramento, then here to Utah. I will tell you, you really start to miss it. I get the craziest looks from people when I pine for the wet stuff. One of the funniest things I ever heard about people in the Northwest was that they don’t tan, they rust! It’s true. I miss my home in Washington! I miss seeing Mt. Rainier every day that it was clear. I miss my family and old friends. I will make it back there.. oh yes, I will.

Wyatt has his first T-Ball game today. We are so excited for him. I will try to upload some pics and video clips to here or my home page, or both. The one contradiction, I hope it doesn’t rain for the game.

I am working on a very introspective post that I should have up by the end of the week. I’ve seen some bloggers also do this. I don’t want to reveal too much but it should be fun and I will encourage my fellow bloggers to do the same at some point. I also would like to let you know that currently, this blog has about 3,500 hits. The one year birthday is on the 15th of May and I think it would be awesome to get that total up to 4,000 hits by then. Tell all your friends and family about this little blog! Thanks!

Be good, Have a good day and SMILE! 🙂



One Reply to “A few items”

  1. There’s just nothing like the rain. I miss it a lot too. And I, too, get people looking at me like I’m nuts when I say how much I love the rain.

    Good for you about school. Is Rachel still liking her job?

    Let us know when the games are for Wyatt. I would love to watch him.

    Hmmm, looking forward to this post you are talking about. Very mysterious. . .

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