Father & Son Campout

CampingI’m pretty excited, nay – AMPED! for our campout this weekend. Our Church has a yearly Father & Son Campout where we go and have a fun night and do fun activities. We were rained out last year and they canceled it. The year before Wyatt freaked out because he missed his Mommy. I know he’s been a little worried this time around that Mommy would be all alone. We had a little conversation this morning. Rachel said she has like 15 ERs on the DVR to watch and that she would be just fine. Wyatt felt better about that. I am hoping he does ok this time.

These campouts are pretty basic and are scheduled near Mother’s Day to give Moms a little break. They provide breakfast and some projects. We will be leaving after school/work tonight and heading south to have a great memory-building experience. I can’t recall the name of the campgrounds, but I will post them in an update soon. I will also have some pics to share!



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