Random things that are… Random

Hello, folks! Welcome to the blog if it’s your first visit! Thank you for making it! I hope you all feel welcome here! I wanted to blog about something but my mind was a little scattered and I ended up deciding to update you all on a number of things.

We are very happy, so far, with our new living arrangements! Kenn and Marie are great friends and have made our home feel more… home. Rachel and I did enjoy having a little time between Debs and the Wests, but we really like having more people in the place. It reduces the echoes 😉 . Glad to have you, guys!

Wyatt is still doing wonderfully at T-Ball and his new school. He has T-Ball pictures today. We will put some more of his pictures up here and at Picasa. I assume that’s the main reason you are coming to the blog! He’s had some trouble lately sleeping. Whether nightmares or upset tummy, it seems like it’s been awhile since he’s slept through the night (and we automatically get involved with that last part!). Last night was great though, he did good! We love that little fella’!!

I am starting a new medication for my hormones. Its a bi-weekly injection (oh the great joy and fun!). I had my first one yesterday. It wasn’t too horrible. We really want to have more children and whatever it takes. The other medication I was taking isn’t covered by my new insurance. This is a less expensive, yet more dramatic method of getting the same results. Wish us luck!

XRT-FM is now online and is testing. I’ll be honest with you… I am really excited to get it back up and running full time. I get a lot of pleasure knowing I’m entertaining people. My problem with it is that for whatever reason my setup just won’t work the way I’d like. It looks like I’ll need to invest some money in a broadcasting tool for web radio operations. I hate to make a direct request, but you’ll notice the PayPal Donate! icons on all my pages. That’s all I will say about that. Thank you for being supportive and helpful. See the XRT-FM Blog and website for more info on the testing.

Rachel is doing wonderfully at her new job. She really enjoys it and is impressing folks left and right! I’m very pleased with how she’s doing. Her spirits have been up a lot lately and I am grateful. She really likes the atmosphere at BYU and I get some benefits too as I should be starting school there this fall.

I think we’ve narrowed the car selection down to a couple main choices. First off, we really think a pickup truck would be great. It would be so helpful in a lot of situations like camping, helping folks move, cleaning up the yard, and on and on… So we’re thinking like a Toyota Tacoma or something in that realm. Otherwise, the other main choice is being encouraged by Chas, on his mission, a Chevy Malibu. So we have some time still to get things decided. You all are welcome to comment and give us some advice.

I think that covers most everything that is current. If you want to see more of those gas price icons, head to my News site. Thanks for your time and I’ll catch you on the flip-flop, good buddy! 10-4!

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Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

One thought on “Random things that are… Random”

  1. Zoe is almost done with her first year of t-ball. It has been a blast! With the road trip starting next week, we need to cut the season short, unfortunately. Baseball is a great game though. I encourage you to keep Wyatt playing it. It is one of those sports that he can have fun playing for many years to come and you as his parent will take pride in watching his development in the game increase substantially year after year. Go Red Wings! (Zoe’s team name:))

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