I Love My Little Guy!

This morning was really cool. In the few moments while rushing around to get ready for school, Wyatt and I were able to really connect. It was a great morning too. It’d been raining so it was darker and just very mellow. I had to urge him a bit to get him up and ready. We sat down together on the rocker in the front room. We cuddled for a bit and then I started playing with him like we did when he was very little. I asked him where his nose was and his elbows and did that for a bit. Then I told him we used to do this thing where he would be sitting up on my lap. I would hold his hands in mine and while lifing him say, “How big is Wyatt??” Then as he would stand, “Sooo Big!!” It was just fun to remember how little he really was when he was only a few months old. Then we played a quick game that Rachel made up where I take his hands and clap them together while singing, “Clap, clap, clap your hands! Do-da-doo-da-doo!” It was all very cute and fun.

I was finding myself very blessed and grateful that Heavenly Father blessed us with a child before all this garbage with hormones reared its ugly head. I truly love my little guy! He is so fun to play and cuddle with!


PS: Folks, please be careful of ecards from folks you might know! Read this page about the Postcard Virus on Snopes.com.

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