After this weekend, I really need a weekend!

Whew! Rachel had quite the list of things to do this past weekend! We’ve been wanting to get our little garden started for some time and this weekend looked like the best one (and the one where we had the time). We found a good section of the yard that looks like the previous owners were going to put their own garden in. We had to dig up some one foot square flat rocks that had been grown over. We designated a little spot and headed to Home Depot for the stuff we’d need. We started with some garden soil, Miracle-Gro, and some border materials. We also rented a small Mantis rototiller. I tilled the section a few times and we pulled out all the grass/weeds/rocks to try to clear the area. We then mixed in the soil. Rachel mixed the Miracle-Gro and we planted two tomato plants, two green peppers, two strawberries and Wyatt’s watermelon that he raised in a small paper cup! Our little garden is way cute and we hope we do well with it. Rachel’s Grandma, Florence, is an incredible gardener and has already provided a ton of great advice.

Also on our list was mowing the back yard (thanks, Rachel!), grocery shopping and a Costco trip. We went to Costco after we had lunch and finshed the garden. I really love Costco! So much fun stuff to see! Rachel was gracious enough to allow Wyatt and me to rest a bit while she went to Wal-Mart. We watched Harry Potter a bit.

I failed to mention our hair-cutting party that happened around midnight on Friday. Marie was cutting Kenn’s hair and his friend, Andy’s. While I recently had mine cut, I liked the idea of a real close buzz cut. Marie cut Andy’s and mine with the #1 attachment. She did Kenn’s that way too and left a fun strip down the middle to give him a really cool mohawk. Fun stuff! Wyatt was already in bed so after church on Sunday, Wyatt got one too. Yes, a mohawk! We’ll see how long he wants to keep it. It will definitely come off before he starts school. I will post some pics here shortly.

All the above items are pretty well documented with photos. I will upload them in a later post this week. But what a weekend! You know how you sometimes feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? That’s how I feel right now. I really need a weekend from my weekend!

Be good! Smile!


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One Reply to “After this weekend, I really need a weekend!”

  1. I think your garden looks great,. It’s going to be great to watch it grow. And eat the wonderful fresh produce that comes from it.
    I had a blast cutting everyone’s hair into mohawks, too. I can’t wait to see pics of all of it. I know, I was there. But I still want to see the pics you have 🙂

    (Tomorrow, I will have pics up on my blog about the mohawks, as well.)

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