Special people who also blog

I want to pay tribute to those of you family members and friends who are bloggers. You have inspired me, you have touched my emotions, you have brightened my days. And I thank you. Keep writing! The blogosphere needs all of you! Below is a list of those who I have mentioned above and on the right column, under Family Pages and Great Links.

Family Blogs:

  • Joe & Ember Marini: Marini Boys – This blog features mostly photos of my three awesome nephews; Alec, Zackary, and Bryce from Tacoma, WA. I believe this blog is locked and you’d need to ask Ember to add your name to their list.
  • Chas Marini: Chas in Cleveland – Photos and a journal of Chas’ two year full-time missionary experience in the Cleveland, OH area.
  • Matt & Gina Shumate: The Shu Crew – Photos and writings from Gina and family in Spokane, WA. They are the most recent addition to the world of blogging!
  • David, April & Ian Yorke: NewYorke.org – Photos and thoughts from the Yorke Family in Friendswood, TX.

Friend’s Blogs:

  • Marie: MiniMarie’s Corner – This kind person, as well as being our roomies, has really recharged my blog batteries! She is an excellent writer and likes to dig real deep. She also professionally writes product reviews. She lives with us in American Fork, UT.
  • Jason, Melissa & Zoe Huntley: Huntley Family Adventures – Jason is my former manager from Intel. We’ve grown close with their family. They are now enjoying a 6 week sabbatical where they are exploring the entire west coast in their camper. This blog records their journeys. They are from Herriman, UT.
  • Paul Bryan: ChickenSedan – Paul and I go way back! He was in the Stake Presidency in Puyallup, WA and we both share a passion for A/V production. We worked together on several video productions for the stake.
  • The Greer Family – This is more a relative of  Joe & Ember’s family. We know them pretty well and they live near Boise, ID.
  • John and Heather Hunsaker: J&H Hunsakers – John and Heather are great friends from a long time ago, when we all lived nearby. I met John while working at Office Depot. I met Heather and some Church function if I recall correctly. They met each other and, well… They are living in Seattle, WA.

I think that covers it. I also wanted to thank Beka, Marie’s sister, for linking to my blog! If I somehow neglected to include you on this post, I apologize. Add a comment and spam us all with your blog links! I am truly grateful for all of you for being a part of this world of blogging, and a part of my life! Be Good!

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Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

2 thoughts on “Special people who also blog”

  1. Thanks for the recognition, Tim. I think you are a great blogger, too. And a great friend. Thanks for all you and Rachel and Wyatt do.

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