My Greatest Treasure!

It is more than just wonderfully thoughtful gifts on an incredible Father’s Day that really touches my heart. Sure, I got some awesome tools and a really nice tool bag and a cool Megatron Transformer and a snazzy keychain digital photo display, but what I really got is so much better. I am very grateful for these gifts and will put them to some great use. Let me describe what I really got for Father’s Day.

I got the unending and indescribable love and devotion from my beautiful wife, Rachel. I got the sweet, innocent adoration of my brilliant son, Wyatt. I also felt the love cascading upon me from beyond from my own Father, Larry. The whole day was just incredible. I cannot really define some of the feelings that crossed my heart. All I really knew coming out of the day was that I was indeed loved.

The next step in this equation will generally be a little bit of guilt knowing that I don’t feel like it’s remotely possible to return that love and devotion. I think that there are some things in our lives that we (men) may never be able to fully accomplish. The ability to love another perfectly and the ability to fully understand a woman’s love.

I wish to thank Rachel and Wyatt for the gifts they purchased and the gifts they may not even be aware they’ve given.


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One Reply to “My Greatest Treasure!”

  1. You’re so sweet. Wyatt and I are so lucky to have you in our lives! You are a wonderful father and a wonderful husband. We are so blessed as a family.

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