Quick Tip – Verizon PRL

If you have Verizon Wireless for your cell phone, you can ensure that you have the best coverage if you regularly update the phone’s PRL (Preferred Roaming List). The PRL is a simple collection of all the cell towers. This is done pretty simply. Dial *228 and when you hear the menu, hit option 2. You will hear hold music for about 1 minute. Then the call will drop. You hit OK and the phone will shutdown and come back up. Since all phones are different, I can’t tell you what menu options will show you the current PRL version. Basically, you find Phone Options and HW/SW Version and it will show a number of version numbers, the one you look for is PRL Version. I usually try to update my PRL once a month. I don’t know when or how often Verizon releases an update, but if you do it regularly, you can be sure to have the latest PRL version on your phone and have the best coverage.


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