Another “I need a weekend after this weekend!” weekend

We all went to see Wall-E on Friday evening, great movie, I shall probably write a quick review soon. Next morning, we saw Kenn & Marie off on their trip to Nauvoo. They are doing great so far, Kenn’s still struggling some with his kidney stones but all in all, not too shabby. We headed out to eat breakfast and to find some drop-in dutch oven foil liners. At the outdoors store, we were not able to find them and while nearby, we decided we’d hook up with Rachel’s sister, Ruth. We started heading north and I thought it would be cool if we could test-drive a new hybrid at the Honda dealership. We pulled in and they attacked! We found that they had no hybrids on the lot and that they were almost impossible to find. He suggested we just look at normal Civics. Rachel agreed and we took a 4 door model out for a test drive. Rachel drove and was pretty happy about it. We went in with no intention to buy as we thought it best to wait till the lease on my Altima is up next March. Long story short, we traded the Altima in for a brand new (45 miles) White Civic EX 4 door. It has everything but navigation. We love the sunroof too! We also saw the new Incredible Hulk movie that was really good.

Sunday, we got a call from the Primary President cuz one of the parents was concerned with us letting our kids take turns teaching the class. They are 8 and 9 years old. We asked them if they’d be interested in teaching and they all got so excited. We tried it out and so far the response from the kids and the parents has been awesome! So we were very confused when this call came to us. She said the parent that called her was concerned that we were making a small child fill an entire 50 minute class period with a lesson. We explained the situation that it was strictly voluntary and we also prepared the lesson and sat beside them to help them along. She was ok with that, sorta, and wanted to come observe us. Anyhoo, we worked all that out. Then Wyatt was brought to us during Sharing Time. Without getting really into detail, let’s just say he’s really really been struggling with his behavior. We stripped down his bedroom to bare walls and no toys/books. Rachel and I were in tears most of the night just trying to fathom where his head is. We prayed and prayed and talked to our parents trying to get some ideas. We will try to dedicate 30 minutes right when he gets home to just 1 on 1 time with him. We also will have morning family prayers along with night family prayers. If you have any advice, please let us know. He’s five and we have to figure something out quickly.

Needless to say (one of those cliche’s I’m not a fan of), we had a very busy and exhausting weekend. This week we will be preparing for our camping trip! Happy times! I will take some pics of the new Civic and post them here soon.



2 Replies to “Another “I need a weekend after this weekend!” weekend”

  1. Try Camping World in Draper for the Dutch oven liners, I’ve seen them there before 🙂
    I can’t really give any parental advise…we still haven’t figured our own little 4 year old out! We will say a little prayer for you all 🙂

    Hope you have a great camping weekend!
    -The Huntley’s

  2. I thought WallE was great. One of the few movies I’ve seen that I would love to own. It was so cute!

    We noticed your new car. Very nice! I must say it was a shock walking into the garage expecting a Nissan and finding a Civic. I almost didn’t believe my eyes. Can’t wait to hear the story about it when you get home.

    . . . which should be soon, BTW.

    As for Wyatt, we’ll keep praying. It’s just not like him to be so difficult. He’s such a good kid! We love him and will help with whatever we can.

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