The Great Bear Lake

What an incredible weekend experience! As much as I gripe about Utah and missing Washington, this weekend really made me grateful that we do live here. About two and a half hours north on I-15 is Brigham City, about 30 minutes east is Logan, about 15 minutes north-east is a small campground called Guinavah. Nothing fancy or flashy, just a bunch of little camp sites with fire pits and a working restroom. We arrived around 8:30 (or so) and were a little worried about where we would stake our large-ish tent as it looked like there was no real flat spots. We found a decent spot that was a little sloped and were able to pitch it there. We set all of it up and since we had eaten dinner on the way up, we sat around a campfire and roasted a few marshmallows and headed to bed. We arose pretty early, had a delicious breakfast of pancakes, bacon and sausage. We got in our swim gear, started up towards Bear lake. It was supposed to be about a 30-45 minute drive up and over the mountains, but we ended up behind a large tour bus that never quite caught onto the whole pull-off concept. So about an hour or so later, we made it. We were unfamiliar and could not tell where we could just go to the beach. We eventually found some helpful folks who directed us up north a bit where we could rent some fun stuff and swim.

We got to the place to rent and we rented a waverunner, a canoe and a paddle-boat for two hours. Holy CRAP that waverunner was so much fun!! I ended up taking a bit more than my allotted time (oops!) but I can’t say that I’ve done anything that could have been any more fun than that. It was windy and there was a lot of boat traffic so the water was quite choppy and there were a lot of waves. This made for some very exciting riding! I was able to take Wyatt along as well and he even got to drive some! The only bummer of that whole experiences was when Rachel and I were on it and she was driving, we ended up leaning to far over and falling into the lake. Lynda and Bekah came out in the paddle-boat and were able to “tow” her back to shore. We then headed back to camp to eat dinner and planned to make it back up to the scenic viewpoint above the lake to see the fireworks, but we miscalculated our timing and ended up missing it all. 😦 We went to bed, woke up, had another great breakfast of breakfast burritos. We got back in our swim gear, headed back to the lake where we rented a water trampoline. Unfortunately, this turned out to be quite the disappointment, due to the shallow water it was in and the small size of it. We made a great day out of it though and returned to camp for an awesome lemon pepper chicken tin-foil dinner! Ruth and Lynda needed to leave so they took off after dinner. We had s’mores and headed to bed. We woke up, broke camp, headed into Brigham City to find breakfast and after searching through the closed-down town on a Sunday morning, we ended up eating lunch at the Sonic. This ended up being an adventure in itself as they were training everyone on staff and they couldn’t get things right.

We made it home around 4pm. We showered, did the laundry, watched Space Camp, and went to dinner. That was our weekend! It was definately memorable. Hopefully our memories will be enough because we forgot the camera. 😦 Let it be said that Utah has it’s pros and it’s cons. But a camp out at Bear Lake was definately in the pro category.



5 Replies to “The Great Bear Lake”

  1. It sounds like quite a memorable weekend. Although it’s a downer when things don’t go as planned, it helps to explore the positive; it sounds as if ya’ll did that and had great fun in the process. We, too would like to try Bear Lake when we get back to Utah. We’ve heard great things about it. Hopefully we have enough ‘camp’ left in us when we get back! 🙂

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