Asleep at work
Asleep at work

Quick question… I am having a very hard time motivating myself at my job. It’s a pretty easy job and is pretty low-key. The manager is very hands-off, which is cool. The problem streams from my progression, at Intel, towards management. I finally got that title at Slash and loved it. Aside from all the crooked business that went down and as I understand, continues, it was a fun and challenging job. I was laid off after only 3 months and got this job as a support agent. My inner struggle is that I was on my way up and reached my goal, then had to “go back” to being an agent again. This job is giving me knowledge and experience that I couldn’t get elsewhere. I will be able to take away some great experience in the medical field. I understand the benefits. Plus, as I start school again this fall, it will be nice to have an easier job so I can better manage my energy and time. How can I get myself excited about a job that I felt like I had gone beyond and now have to be in again?




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  1. Let the person or people in your company who is in charge of promotions know of your interest to move up. Ask them what you need to do then do it. Kiss up if you have to. If you have a good day at work, make sure they know about it. Don’t assume they know you want to move up or that they know about everything you accomplish at work. I don’t know if you’ve already done this, but that’s my advice. Good luck!

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