Well, I did it!

UPDATE: I made it home fine yesterday. Although my little trip computer said it was 100 degrees, it felt ok with the wind on me. I also rode in this morning. It was much easier after I realized that my tires were severely under-inflated. They are rated to be between 40 and 65 psi and were at about 15 psi. I pumped those puppies up to about 50 psi. I was cruisin’ today! No, it was very hard as all my leg muscles were whining and complaining at me! I did make it in better time though.

A ton of huffing and puffing later, I did it! I have really been dreading it and now that I’m at work and still alive, I have my lovely wife, Rachel to thank. I feel pretty good. My breaths have come back to a normal level, my sweat seems to have been effective (thank Heavens I don’t sweat a lot). If you haven’t clicked on that link, what I did was ride my bike to work! The way through American Fork is pretty flat. Near my home there’s a bit of a ridge that kind of divides the neighborhoods and trying to avoid busy and not bike-friendly Pacific Drive, forces me to either find a really long alternate route or climb a bit of a hill. That was the hardest part, the rest was downhill or flat. I also discovered that mountain bike tires aren’t really fond of gravel-treated roads. Takes a bit of extra oomph to maintain speed. The tires do like, however, blacktop pavement! I really think we got a good deal on these Trek 820 mountain bikes. They are well-built, light and easy to maintain. We bought them last summer at our local Trek dealer.

Trek 820
Trek 820

My one major concern remains…  At about 4pm, the temp is to be in the high 90’s and I “get” to ride my bike home.



4 Replies to “Well, I did it!”

  1. I’m so proud of you! That’s awesome that you made it in such good time, and weren’t dead when you got there. We’ll see how this afternoon goes. Good luck baby!

  2. I think it’s awesome that you are riding to work. It’s going to be sooo good for you. I’m jealous of how skinny and healthy you are going to be! Good for you 🙂

  3. HURRAH, HURRAH for you Timmy. Give yourself about 3 or 4 days and your legs will get better feeling and they won’t be yelling anymore! Keep it up son, I love you lots. Mommy

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