Grand Canyon Trip Booked!

Below is an email Rachel sent to the family members involved:

Ok. The Grand Canyon Marini/Yorke/Gallup camping trip is officially booked! We are staying at the Mather Campground at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is a nice shaded area, our campsite is close to the bathrooms and the water faucet. The campground does have coin operated showers.
We are allowed up to 6 people in the campsite, 2 cars, 3 tents. (I told him we have 6 adults and 1 child and he said that is fine).
They said it’s nice weather, mid 80’s or so during the day, with occasional thunder storms (sometimes rain) in the afternoons.
We will leave Thursday in the am, for UT folks it is about a 9 hour drive. For CA folks it is about a 7 hour drive.
We will head home Sunday.
There is no swimming nearby at all. 😦 The town of Williams, AZ is about 60 miles away. The town of Flagstaff is about 80 miles away.
Let me know if you have any questions, or problems with this reservation!
We can work out meals and such…and then split the cost of everything so no one ends up paying it all.

Grand Canyon from the South Rim
Grand Canyon from the South Rim

I’m very excited. We were hoping to be able to invite more but the campgrounds fill quickly and they max out at 6 per site. I will ensure we bring the camera for this trip!



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