Kirby Heyborne Beer Ad

I just heard about this today as I was surfing the news sites and came across the news of the arrest of LDS-themed movie actor Michael Birkeland for the theft of a UVU teacher’s laptop. Kirby Heyborne acted in a Miller Lite ad for television. This has lit the LDS blogging world on fire with claims of hypocrite and other such dismal insults. I found this article from local public radio station, KVNU’s show “For The People” (LINK). Where Kirby defends his position quite well. Here’s a brief quote:

“I’m a temple-worthy member that loves his wife and kids, and fulfills his calling at church and does his home teaching. And yet I’m going to play characters that might have moral dilemmas, or do a commercial — or whatever it is — because my job is the way that I provide for my family,” he said.

Interesting, then is how far would he go to make a buck? I have a family and I know the pressures that are sometimes placed upon me to make sure they are taken care of and fed. I’m not going to go do immoral things to make sure that happens though.

I don’t know Kirby. I don’t know his heart or the conversations he’s probably had with God and his local church leaders. But one unwritten Church guideline is to avoid even the appearance of evil. You watch this and comment with your thoughts.



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