and then there were three

We came home last night after an exhausting, yet healthy counseling session to find our room-mates had moved out. We had allowed them through the end of August and it looks like they found a place already. I’m very happy for them. I was just shocked that it all happened so suddenly. I really feel that through all the crap and drama this stirred up, it will be a better situation for all parties. The friendships might not be as strong for a while, but our two beautiful families will be able to really focus on ourselves. I noticed as we tucked in to go to sleep that the house had a different feel to it, a new sort of quiet and peace. Not to say that our former co-residents were noisy at all. It just felt different. It was a good different.

I am excited for the future. The next person that may be living with us would by Chas, my little brother who’s serving a mission (his blog). That won’t be till 2010. We can now just be us again. This is good timing as well for Wyatt’s transition into public school. He also didn’t quite qualify to pass into 1st grade. So Kindergarten it is for now. Who knows, he might just be the king of kindergarten!

I invite your feedback and thoughts, as always!



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

6 thoughts on “and then there were three”

  1. Heyya, I’m not sure who’s commenting on my blog but it’s definitely someone who knows you and is friends with you guys 🙂
    The story I’ve been given is definitely different than the picture that has been painted in the comments on my blog and in this post. I’m more inclined to believe this post and the comments just because of who these two are to me and our histories.
    I can’t believe they stole your library books!! Someone also said they broke stuff on their way out? Not like an intentional move but more of a careless one… I don’t know you at all but I’m definitely glad for you that the tension is gone and you don’t have to live this out anymore!

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