Not sure what to do…

UPDATE: I added 80’s music to the library. I will slowly make changes as we go. Keep watching the KXRT Blog for updates!

Many of you know (should know!) I operate a small internet radio station. I love it! It’s a lot of fun and is challenging at times. You may/should also know that I really love Country music. It was this, among some other ideas that prompted me to transform my radio station from a huge variety of Country, Pop, Rock songs to just strictly Country. In the few months that this has been going, I have noticed that I am the only one listening! I was hoping that by focusing down to one genre, I would get a more solid listener base. Instead, I have none. 😦 I now am toying with the idea of switching it back the way I had it previously, with the huge variety.

There are some problems. I had some great friends produce some station ID’s based upon this new format of all Country. These are incredible and best of all, free! If I do go back to the old way, I might be pushing my luck with those guys who made these imaging elements. I have ZERO (0) budget for this operation and am very limited by that major constraint. I am looking for your thoughts.

Using the Comments feature of the blog, can you please provide your feedback for what I should do? I would like to wait this out a bit to see if something happens, but it really hasn’t shown much potential. I am leaning towards converting back to the previous format of all three genres: Country, Rock & Pop. Please let me know.




One Reply to “Not sure what to do…”

  1. one of the best radio stations i ever heard, the original radioio, was wildly eclectic, but programmed in a very intelligent way that connected music in sometimes unexpected but sensible ways. back in the very early days, it was literally a 50 listener max station, yet many people listened that might surprise you, like Lisa Loeb, Dave Matthews, and Nora Jones (radioio broke her actually)

    so yeah, i would say PLEASE go forward with making your station eclectic. here’s something kinda funny… Radioio now has over 60 stations, yet they only have 50% more listeners than they had with that one original station.

    Niche is a very important thing to remember when doing some business models…. but… it isn’t the only thing people want on the internet. 🙂 sometimes people want variety that has a certain vibe to it.

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