Castleland Academy = Poo!

UPDATE: We were able to work out a good situation for Wyatt’s care. It is good for Wyatt, but it involves other sacrifices, like me waking up at 5 am to work at 6. Whatever works, I guess.

Rachel and I went to the very conveniently located and very cool looking Castleland Academy. All themed-out in Disney decor, this place looked just perfect. And it really felt great. We were convinced that the conveniences offered such as transportation from his elementary school to their center, a kindergarten extension program that would further enhance his learning, would really work out perfectly. We signed the paper work a week later and with Wyatt’s school beginning tomorrow morning (8/25), we were hoping for the best. As we were winding down for the night, Rachel happened to check her inbox and found this cowardly and unprofessional notice:

We regret to inform you that we cannot accept Wyatt for enrollment at this time.  When you came in for a tour we were unaware that 2 of our already enrolled Kindergartners were going to be staying and it has always been a policy of ours that enrollment is first offered to already enrolled students before new students.  Also when you came for a tour we were of the understanding that he was on the 9am track at [his school] in reviewing your enrollment documents I noticed that he is not and we DO NOT Transport this track at [his school].  We have refunded your $20.00 paperwork fee via certified mail which you should receive shortly.  I am also listing the other 2 centers in American Fork that might be able to help you.  Sorry for any inconvenience & Best Regards to your family!!!

Cowardly because this was sent by email earlier this evening. Unprofessional because who in the world is running your center? How are you “unaware that 2 of our already enrolled…” yadda yadda…?? Also, we were very clear with what track he was on. We had just come from a meeting where we had to get Wyatt’s track/schedule since it wasn’t originally mailed by the school. I am happy that they are sorry for an inconvenience, but give me a break! This is no measley inconvenience. This throws a gigantic monkey wrench into our entire lives! Now we have to go through and re-screen these local daycare centers that if it was, say, even 3 days ago, we would have been 100% better off.

Tomorrow is Wyatt’s Go-Live date and we are so incredibly happy and excited for him. And since our lives can never go smoothly, how could have we expected this huge step for Wyatt and the rest of us to have gone any better? I am convinced that Heavenly Father will come through, as He always does. But for Heaven’s sake!!

Such is life. We will keep you updated. Meanwhile, please make sure you NEVER consider Castleland Academy in American Fork, Utah for your children. Never.



5 Replies to “Castleland Academy = Poo!”

  1. I just read about the shut down of the school. I am very sad with the news.

    I know its owner for many years , and despite of the complaints I heard about the way she was doing business , I know that she had put her heart and soul and all her financial resources, into that to please the children and family of the community.

    I used to run a preschool/childcare business myself, and I know first hand , how difficult it is to find good employees that stay in it for a long time (statistically most leave in less than 6 months if you are lucky). Most good employees leave to open their own business or find a better paying job.
    It is very hard. Parents have no idea how hard it is to run a childcare business!

    I imagine that Castleland might have been going through a lot of stress trying to provide good service and at the same time pay their bills. It don’t justify law breaking though, (if really was any),

    but I am so disappointed on people who call themselves LDS (and I am one too), but in the end , because their child was rejected at the daycare, they are willing to destroy a business the way they did.

    They don’t know the meaning of compassion and forgiveness that the Lord frequently asks from all of us.

    I know the owners of Castleland Academy. I don’t think that they deserved to be CRUCIFIED the way they did. The punishment DID NOT fit the crime.

    I understand that if they broke any childcare law, it needed to be taken care of. But I think that the way they were accused , was unfair.

    One of the accusers said that her life is always a drama, and I am not surprised.- As Steven R Covey has said: “If you keep doing what you doing, You’ll keep getting what you are getting”.

    If you are the kind of person full of envy, grudge holding and revengeful attitude, your life will always be full of misery and drama, until you learn better how to feel and treat your fellowmen.

    You probably have destroyed a the way of living of a family that don’t deserved that punishment.

    The owners of Castleland are good people. They love children so much , that they have put their heart and soul into a business that would give children and parents in the community a wonderful learning experience,

    But unfortunately they are human too, and they probably were facing too many stressful challenges that they might not have been prepared to face , and maybe they ended up making some unwise decisions and offended some.

    But who are you (you know who you are…) to judge another and cast the first stone at Tiffany and her kids (yes, sir you “smashed the whole package”)
    I imagine that they are going through the worse hell of their life, right now, because of someone’s petty desire to get even.

    You, (whoever the hat fits) will have a lot to answer for what you did , to the ONE upstairs…

    The people you have hurt are good imperfect people. They shouldn’t have been CRUCIFIED by you.

    I am so sorry Tiffany and family for such horrific time in your life.
    You don’t deserve that .
    I am so sorry.
    I am praying for all of you.

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