Can I get a little personal?

WARNING: some content might be more mature. I tried my best to chose wording to not be graphic or too descriptive.

Last year, after doing some blood tests, my Dr. recommended I begin some hormone therapy for my low testosterone. After beginning with a medication called Testim, a rub-on ointment, I immediately began feeling the effects. Shortly thereafter, we lost medical insurance and I had to stop the treatments. Recently, I was able to continue the treatments. Due to different insurance coverage, I had to change to an injection. So every two weeks, I went to the Dr.’s office and got a shot in the butt. We were able to get the medication and supplies to do it at home. There are some pros and cons to all of this…

One of the biggest benefits are some vastly improved desire to be intimate. Some of the more negative elements include: having to shave most every day (where i was ok with once a week), increased acne, increased sweating, and other things. I really feel like I am 15 years late on hitting puberty. It’s a bit odd, really. As I was growing up and should have been maturing, I always was grateful for my lack of much acne and little to no need to shave. I also wondered about my voice and it never really deepened. I’ve noticed it dropping at bit lately. I can hit those lower notes better when I’m singing in the car!

The real purpose in doing this is to help us have more children. We have Wyatt and had one miscarriage, but nothing since. Rachel has had some tests done to see if her “stuff” is working and that looks ok. I was the only piece of the puzzle left. I had my blood test and where a typical fella my age should be around a 240 or so, I scored in at 20. I think my 5 year old had a higher testosterone count than I did! I had another recent test that said I was more in-line with the target. I have another test next month and will probably have to do a sperm count too. (oh joy…)

I hope this didn’t really gross you out or offend you. I just have been really intrigued by some of these physical changes I’ve been experiencing. I thought it might be worthwhile to share. I’m a little embarrassed by the whole thing but I know there’s nothing I did wrong or could do to make it better than by going this route. I am grateful for the advances in modern medicine and for a good job that provides good medical coverage. I hope that shortly, I can blog with a really special announcement that we are expecting. We’re not yet. But I hope so.



Author: Timmy

Radio broadcaster and IT Pro. Livin' and Lovin'! Married to my beautiful wife and have one son.

4 thoughts on “Can I get a little personal?”

  1. It’s about time you go through your puberty!!!. Better late then never. Enjoy your pimples and just think how good you’re gonna get with the shaver! I hope to get a phone call though with the news of a grandbaby on it’s way. Love, Mom

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