Quick Movie Review – In 3D!

Ok, not really! But the movie was in 3D! Brenden Fraser, Anita Briem and Josh Hutcherson bring us into the very bowels of the Earth in Journey to the Center of the Earth – 3D. (I just think it’s very cool and dramatic to say “the very bowels” of anything!) This is a fun movie, but it really doesn’t go much further. The 3D effects are fun and at times a bit shocking! I think the technology is getting to a point where it’s really starting to look good and realistic. Most of the 3D items were CGI, other than depth of field effects. I was grateful there was a pretty girl involved in the movie or there wouldn’t be much reason for guys to be in the audience. Brenden Fraser isn’t my favorite actor, but he did pretty good. Not too silly, not too dramatic.


My recommendation: Go see it in 3D. Otherwise, wait for DVD and the free Redbox DVD code!

My rating: 3.5 parenthesis out of 5: ( ( (.5



2 Replies to “Quick Movie Review – In 3D!”

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Jim! I love these new 3D films! So great and not much headache from the specs! I was amazed by Meet The Robinsons!! Can’t wait to see what’s up next!

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