Castleland Academy – Updates

I called their office number after hearing a rumor that they had closed. The message is the director’s voice stating that they are no longer in business. I drove by earlier today and found they had the shelving and some equipment but that there wasn’t anyone there and it was dark. As mentioned in some of the comments of my earlier posts, their website had been locked down for about a week and a half now.

I have no idea what the reasons are behind the closure. I will say it is pretty amazing what the power of a blog can do. I can’t really take all the credit for this, but only because I don’t know why they ended up closing. 😉 I really have no ill feelings towards anyone personally, but someone who is in a position to take care of our beautiful children should be under the highest scrutiny and realize that such a business needs to be run with integrity and consistency, not to mention following the standards and practices set forth by the State Government and other agencies.

To those who may have anonymously taken some part in this situation, thank you. It’s you folks that really make us parents feel safe about leaving our children in the hands of other people. My hope is that others who have experienced this sort of problem, whether in child care or otherwise, will make the effort to bring forward these issues. Be careful not to exaggerate or “slander” by being untrue. Remember, blogging is a new force and it can be a powerful tool.



23 Replies to “Castleland Academy – Updates”

  1. Tiffany’s new prechool, Learning Links in AF just closed over Christmas break I guess. It is our first year with them and I was very happy with much of what I saw. When school was starting up again after the Christmas break I was unable to take my son because he was sick. I went on their website to pay January tuition and all looked normal. I returned to the website the next day to check the schedule of upcoming events and all it had was a message saying the preschool was now closed. I left phone and email messages but have had no response. I never got a letter or call or email informing me that it was closing or why. No refund for tuition either. I am surprised and can’t seem to find any information. Does anyone know what happened? I don’t know any of the other families that were attending.

    1. TIffany is horrible and continues to screw people. I’m glad to know that while you were there there were no problems. She is, in fact, totally unlicensed, either with the state or with the city to operate a business. How long did your child attend per day? If it was more than 4 hours, she was violating every rule!

      Thanks for your comment.

      -Tim Marini – America’s Country

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