Chris Cagle Concert!

Rachel, being the lucky-butt that she is, won a pair of great tickets to the Chris Cagle concert at the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake City! We were a little hesitant since it was a Monday night and we’d be home late. Wyatt was a lot of fun though. He started dancing and playing air guitar. I couldn’t get a good enough picture of that 😦 but it was a ton of fun! Cagle is a great performer and had the big crowd whooped up the whole time. He also showed some emotion when he played his only number 1 song, I Breathe In, I Breathe Out.

There was a big rule they all emphasized a ton about not filming any video. There were three or more times where Chris called people out about it from the stage. He even interrupted a very touching song, Miss Me Baby, which he dedicated to those serving in the military, to walk into the crowd and personally remove someone from the crowd. The security were with him and the crowd cheered for his very direct fashion in taking care of this. He started the whole song over, which was great.

This was a free concert that was totally packed. When you go look at the pictures (HERE), the first picture is from our row. We were about 10 rows back from the stage! We were pretty much on our feet the entire show. Rachel and I even had an Anniversary dance! What a cool experience. I was very impressed with Cagle’s “real-ness”. A lot of performers get up, perform, do an encore or two and go home, but Chris just was connecting with us the whole show. More than just adding Utah as a lyric in most all the songs, but his casual conversation and him inviting a couple to come up and join him on stage was cool. He even gave the guy one of his guitars to “play” on stage with him for a few songs! He also called off the security folks when they were blocking some folks from getting closer. He said something like “these are some good people, they respect each other and me.. be cool!” It was really cool.

I was a little disappointed at the seeming lack of local radio presence. I was thinking some DJ from K-Bull or KSOP or The Eagle would have introduced him, but they had “Therm” the heating guy from Questar Gas. (You’d recognize him from The Single’s Ward and other LDS-themed films.) I did see some K-Bull posters outside the grandstand area, but that was really all there was.

Great show, great performer and a really great guy. Check out Chris Cagle’s webpage!



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