No, it’s not a dance from the black & white TV days. ChaCha is the newest SMS Answer service. SMS? Short Messaging Service or Text messages. You have a question, need a joke, want to shoot the bull? ChaCha can do that all for you on your mobile phone! Best of all, it’s free! Google has their SMS service but it’s not answered by real people. This is the one thing that really sets ChaCha apart.


How you use it is simple: TXT ChaCha (242-242) any question or whatever, really. Within moments, you will get a real response from a real person! If it’s your first time using the service, you will get a short confirmation/welcome txt, then it’s answer-city! Test it out! You can even ask about stuff you normally wouldn’t in public 😉

The reason I am posting this isn’t any sort of advertisement. My lovely wife, Rachel, has recently become a ChaCha Guide and is loving it! She gets $.10 for each answer. If she does over 200 searches within a week, she can get that doubled to $.20 per answer. It’s easy to be a guide. You just head to their site, click the link, follow the directions, take their tests, do a few fake answers and you’re done! It’s a great way to earn some side money. They’ll pay you a couple ways. First is by a debit card, called Pay Me Now, but there is a fee. Second, is a monthly deposit to your bank, no fee but you have to have earned $100 before they pay out.

If you need all the scoop, head to and read all about it. Do check it out!



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