Park City

We had a late anniversary, early birthday celebration up in Park City, UT. Park City was the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and hosts the yearly Sundance Film Festival. It’s a cozy little town filled with great shops and eateries. If you’ve been to Marin County, in California, you might see some common themes. Not necessarily in building styles, but in an almost elite fashion. You see a lot of natural foods, organic ingredients and a very healthy overall feeling. Park City is home to many more wealthy residents. The folks at the resort mentioned they just sold a whole wing of their resort as condominiums to individual owners from $500,000 up to over $2 million! Since they are classified and insured as vacation homes, they can’t even live there full time. This gives you an idea of the environs.

We saw this opportunity when we were at the Utah State Fair earlier this month. We own a timeshare with Westgate Resorts in Orlando, FL. As owners, we were able to stay free for 2 nights up at their Park City resort as long as we completed an owner survey. We arrived and after some difficulty getting a room (they were fully booked), we got our place at the hotel next door. It was just as nice and we had full use of their amenities as well as the Westgate Resort amenities.

Turns out we didn’t really need these amenities as we were able to keep busy with crusing around town and other entertaining activites. 😉 The survey/tour/tryandgetustospendmoremoney was a headache as somehow our registration we took care of well in advance had vanished. We got taken care of, heard some upgrade options and went about our merry way. We saw Mamma Mia! at the local cinema. I actually liked it! It was Rachel’s 2nd time seeing it. We went around, seeing things, dodging rain and thunderstorms. All in all it was a great trip!

On our way home, we stopped in Layton and watched Burn After Reading. Please, don’t watch this movie. It is very oddball, which is typical for a Coen Brothers movie, like O Brother, Fargo, Raising Arizona, etc… We nearly just walked out. We headed back, picked Wyatt up from his Aunt Bekah’s house, grabbed some dinner and went home.

If you have the chance, check out Park City. It’s a lot of fun. It’s about 20 mins from Salt Lake City, east on I-80, towards Evanston, WY.


One Reply to “Park City”

  1. We’ve been to park city several times. It’s a nice place; although, those folks at west gate anything but…well…nice. I don’t appreciate their trickery to get you in, waste a whole day of your time, then put you off in some 1-star dump if you don’t buy one of their timeshares. I’ll never waste my time with them again! I’m also very surprised they let you stay in a nice hotel when you told them no.

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