Hello there, I’m 32.

Not ranked among some of the more important ages in a person’s life, I reached my 32nd birthday yesterday. Some of those ages could include 13, now a teenager; 16, I can drive now; 18, I can go to jail now (I’m an adult); 21, I can legally drink; then pretty much each decade is a marker year. Over this past year, much has happened. It felt like at each corner I turned, my life was changed in some major way! The hormone therapy and all it’s consequences, getting a dream job that turned into a nightmare, Rachel getting a job that made our finances even worse, my new job (again!), Wyatt’s education debacle (Castleland episode), and on and on!

The day started pretty normally, other than being extra tired due to staying up late the night before when my mom and aunt arrived. That was the first gift! Work was typical, not too busy. I got a great birthday card everyone signed and a Gift Card for the movies. That was great. I went home and my mom and son had put up a large sign on the garage door wishing me a happy birthday. We went to eat at Tucanos, mom’s treat! I got a cool dart-tag game from Wyatt, a giftcard for Costco from Bekah, the 3 star wars prequels on dvd, a country CD, a nice polo shirt, and some more Drakkar Noir cologne from Rachel.

I’ll try to add some pics to this post later today.

Thank you to everyone who pitched in to provide me with another memorable and fun birthday! I had a very good day!



One Reply to “Hello there, I’m 32.”

  1. Hey congrats!!! I will join u on Oct 8th whoo hoo I will be 32. Jon joined the 30 club in april but he is only 30, ya I know I am the older COUGAR grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😉

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